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Innovations Serving "Those Left Furthest Behind", Placing Health Into The Hands Of Communities

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Why health for"Those Left Furthest Behind":

Challenges, Opportunities & Goals

A worldwide challenge

Over half of the world's population, including a billion people in remote rural communities, lack access to essential health services.  Yet, less than 38% of nurses and less than 25% of physicians worldwide work in those regions, and the shortage in healthcare workers is estimated to reach 18 million by 2030.  This dire situation makes the need for health initiatives serving those left furthest behind urgent.

As countries around the world take vital steps to provide universal health coverage, the Health In Your Hands initiative plays a critical role in the global movement to provide health services to those left furthest behind.

A global health platform



Health In Your Hands (HIYH) provides a platform connecting innovations to investors and health systems which ultimately allows for the implementation and scaling of innovations for physical and mental health in remote settings. 


The initiative removes the barriers of access and knowledge for health service providers working for those left furthest behind by connecting them to innovations proven effective and that can be adapted to other similar settings. 

A multistakeholder initiative

Health In Your Hands is a multi-stakeholder initiative that enables access of health solutions to those left furthest behind. Stakeholders whose missions align with the goals and deliverables of HIYH, as well as countries where health services for those left furthest behind can help achieve sustainable development, are engaged.

The cross-sector collaboration builds an ecosystem of best practices that are  financially sustainable, bringing together partners from government, civil society and the private sector.

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