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Placing Health In The Hands Of Communities Left Furthest Behind.

Health in Your Hands highlights innovations and innovative technology solutions that serve health settings for those left furthest behind and with the potential to scale globally. These range from market-driven enterprises that deliver products and services to simple mobile-based applications and hardware innovations delivered directly to healthcare workers and patients. 


50 Solutions Serving "Those Left Furthest Behind"

Explore the first 50 innovations 


PR_1345_ING_GameChangers_Hapitech_12 - H


Happitech provides tele-health organizations with a cost effective, accurate and convenient way to detect Heart Rhythm Disorders. The World's first smartphone biofeedback API, for iOS & Android

Thar Tablet - Dr. Asher Hasan.jpg


doctHERs is an impact-driven social enterprise that trains, equips (with tablets and 4G connectivity) and deploys female frontline health workers in rural villages across Pakistan. doctHERs uses a digital health platform to match the under-utilized capacity of female healthcare providers (who would otherwise be excluded from the workforce) to the unmet needs of health-seekers.



mothers2mothers (m2m) employs and trains local women living with HIV as community health workers called Mentor Mothers. They provide education and support to women, children, and adolescents— Their three core client groups include — access vital medical services, adhere to any treatment, and stay in care.

Children in class with jug - Amandine Mu

1001 Fontaines

1001fontaines provide safe drinking water to rural communities through an innovative social business model. In an effort to combat waterborne diseases, this model enables rural populations to produce safe drinking water themselves through the creation of social micro-enterprises 



CommCare is an offline-capable mobile data collection & service delivery platform designed for everything from simple surveys to comprehensive longitudinal data tracking.

Pic 2 - Wanja Muriithi.jpg

Living Goods

Living Goods’ vision is a world where every family can easily access the healthcare they need to survive and thrive. Its approach works and is affordable: they support networks of government Community Health Workers with the resources they need to effectively save and improve lives at people’s doorsteps—digital technology, lifesaving medicines, ongoing training and motivating compensation.


Universal Anesthesia Machine

The UAM, developed by Gradian Health, is the first internationally-certified anesthesia machine that can generate its own medical oxygen and work without electricity. 

iKure Tech.jpg

iKure Techsoft

iKure has designed Wireless Health Incident Monitoring System (WHIMS) with an intuitive graphical user interface that rural health workers, with high school education can use.

IMG-20170724-WA0151 - Okey Okuzu.jpg

VTR Mobile

VTR mobile uses mobile phone applications to train health workers in low resource settings with engaging audio and visual elements. 

Sure Chill.jpg

Sure Chill

Sure Chill is a platform cooling technology. It harnesses a unique property of water to enable continuous cooling from inconsistent power.

Demo Day Deck India.005 - Marcel Heyne.j


Audiopedia is an open ecosystem of localized digital audio contents and technologies for Social and Behavior Chance Communication (SBCC) Campaigns.

Image 3_hearX - Tersia De Kock.jpeg


hearScreen is an innovative mobile hearing health application, offering accurate, clinically-validated, low-cost smartphone screening.

Pulse Active Station and Founder - Jogin

Pulse Active Stations Network

Pulse Active Stations Network is India's largest smart health kiosk network and their vision is to become the single point of contact for 1.3 Billions Indians with healthcare solutions and services, outside of the hospital network.

Ada 2.png

Ada Health

Ada is an AI-powered personal health companion whose mission is to improve the health of a billion people with trusted medical guidance that is relevant, actionable, and effective.

Screenshot 2020-12-09 at 7.35.45 PM.png

Access To Care Initiative, Community Life Centres and Digital Connected Care Coalition by Philips

Philips goal is to improve the health and well-being of 2.5 billion people per year through meaningful innovation. As part of this, enable access to care for 400 million people a year in underserved communities by 2030

Screenshot 2020-12-09 at 8.26.32 PM.png

Merck For Mothers by Merck

Merck for Mothers is Merck’s USD $500 million global initiative to help create a world where no woman has to die while giving life. Over the past nine years, they have reached more than 11 million women around the world through programs promoting safe, high quality, respectful care.

WhatsApp-Image-2021-02-08-at-10.30.51 - Peter Otieno.jpg

Leap by Amref Health Innovations

Leap is a mHealth Platform that trains Health workers at anytime and anyplace using 2G technology delivering Primary Health Care training in Sub Saharan Africa. 


Reach 52

reach52 is a social enterprise designed to address a broad range of health indicators in rural and remote regions through enhanced access to primary care and public health services. This is accomplished through use of community-integrated, data-driven peer worker networks; innovative market strategies for medicines and micro-insurance; and a proprietary offline-first mHealth platform

bioloo user Kandenku Swaroopa - Sanjay B

Banka BioLoo

Banka BioLoo is women led business organization engaged in promoting and developing innovative environmental friendly products and services for Human Waste Management System. They deal with the problem of open defecation that takes place every day. Their technology helps in degrading Human waste in the most effective manner.

biometrics3 - Copy - Ruchit Nagar.jpeg

Khushi Baby

Decentralized digital health records for the last mile. Their mission is to motivate and monitor the health care of mothers and children to the last mile

239 - Sandeep Ahuja.jpg

Operation Asha

Operation ASHA trains local CHWs rigorously and empowers them, at every step, with various technology applications.



Incision provides local healthcare workers with tools to learn how to execute Essential Surgery procedures (Cesarean, Trauma, Inguinal Hernia, etc).

Kits in hospital - Colleen Lyon.jpg


clean birth kit

AYZH designed a $3 Clean Birth Kit in a Purse to meet the unique needs faced in low-resource and humanitarian settings.

1 q-poc and hpv test packaging - Elaine

QuantuMDx Group: Q-POC™

QuantuMDx Group has designed and developed the Q-POC™ device, a rapid and portable DNA analyser.

1 - Manish Ranjan.jpg


NanoHealth offers a unique combination of human touch and technology to provide personalized care management, care coordination across providers and medication adherence support to improve health outcomes.

CCPF Hotline Worker 01_2014_Jodi-Ann Bur


VillageReach developed Chipatala cha pa Foni - Health Center by Phone in Chechewa. It is a heath hotline that is available to Airtel mobile users, and they gain access to a health worker for health-related questions.


Embrace Innovations

Embrace Innovations is a social enterprise that was founded with a lofty goal: create well-designed baby products and in the process, give 1,000,000 premature and underweight babies in the developing world a better chance at life.

B1 - Marta Vânia Uetela (1).png


Enables people to experience life with possibilities by building high performance bionic prosthetics from plastic collected from the oceans.

Screenshot 2020-12-07 at 9.05.11 PM.png

Healthy Entrepreneurs

The mission of Healthy Entrepreneurs is to improve community health systems by providing sustainable, high-quality, low-cost basic health care in rural and remote areas

Friendship-Bench-(xi) - Ruth Verhey.jpg

Friendship Bench

The Friendship Bench programme is an evidence-based intervention developed in Zimbabwe to bridge the mental health treatment gap. 


Equalize Health

Previously D-Rev, a global team of designers, engineers, medical professionals, and business minds, working out of India, Kenya, and USA. We are united by our belief that no matter where you live, you should have access to world-class medical treatment.

Screenshot 2020-12-09 at 7.58.13 PM.png

Mission 10 Cents by Biocon

To reinforce their commitment to enable universal access, Biocon is making recombinant human insulin available at less than 10 cents per day in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). At 10 cents a day, their insulin could be a game changer for patients who currently pay almost three times the price for the therapy in LMICs.


UNICEF- Office of Innovation

UNICEF has a 70-year history of innovating for children and believes that new approaches, partnerships and technologies that support the realization of children’s rights are critical to improving their lives.

Screenshot 2020-12-09 at 8.47.14 PM.png

Health Innovation Exchange by UNAIDS

The Health Innovation Exchange (HIEx) is a vibrant and neutral facilitator that brings together innovative solutions for health, particularly in the global South. 

healthphone-br5 - Nand Wadhwani.jpg

Health Phone

HealthPhone offers access to an in-depth library of the main health issues that cause child and maternal mortality. It aims to make basic health knowledge available to all and especially those who do not have access to a qualified health worker and those that are illiterate.

Be Sure Before You Treat - Eddy Agbo.jpg

Fyodor Bio

Fyodor has developed, clinically validated and commercialized the Urine Malaria Test (UMT) - world's first and only non-blood test that tells within 25 minutes if a fever is malaria using a few drops of urine, and works just like a pregnancy test.


Praesens Foundation

Praesens developed an all-terrain truck-based, autonomous and connected mobile biosafety laboratory (MBS-Lab) that includes an isolator for safe handling of samples.No extensive set-up or installation time is required, once on-site the MBS-Lab can be operational within the hour and moves easily between sites, which is useful during an epidemic investigation. The MBS-Lab can be operational all year long.


Access Afya

Kenya-based Access Afya provides a comprehensive technology-enabled primary healthcare system designed for people living in slums.

Siaya-training-XH1F7135 - Alix Emden.jpg


Medic (formerly Media Mobile) created the Community Health Toolkit, a global public good and a shared toolkit to advance universal health coverage. It is a collection of open source technologies and open access design, technical, and implementer resources.

B medical systems.jpg

B Medical Systems

B Medical Systems is a Luxembourg-based pioneer in the medical equipment industry.
For over 35 years, they’ve been innovating and creating technologies that help to save lives across the globe.

Screenshot 2020-12-08 at 11.51.33 PM.png

Safely Health

Safely is a health and wellness company leveraging technology and innovative marketing techniques to disrupt the spread of sexually transmitted infections and facilitate affordable care for those afflicted by them

Day3-Street-37 - Sankalp Jain.jpg

Swasti: i4We

Invest for Wellness (i4We) is a system innovation in primary healthcare, which combines health and wealth interventions, and focuses on wellness for the poor in an affordable, quality assured and scalable way.

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 12.04.06

Babylon Health

Babylon Health developed GP at Hand, a mobile application that connect patients directly to physicians using a video-conference platform without patients having to wait and travel large distance.



Wingcopter operates new-generation drones which are designed to be effective at both vertical landing and high-speed flight. The drones are therefore highly resilient, can deliver cargoes at high speed, and does not need landing ports. 

Ignite Medical .webp

Ignite Medical Services (IMS)

Ignite Medical Services (IMS) is disrupting healthcare in rural communities, providing remote health centers with a holistic solution consisting of solar energy, satellite-based connectivity, and advanced technology, tailor-made for on-field diagnosis and treatment.



PEGASI make healthcare information accessible, clear and secure for patients, physicians and service providers in the developing world.


ReMeDi Telemedicine Solution

Neurosynaptic has done extensive work in the area of Remote Healthcare / telemedicine, especially Rural Telemedicine, where technology can be used to bring access to quality and affordable healthcare at the last mile.


Forus Health

Forus Health is a medical technology start up founded in 2010 by a group of engineers with the goal to eradicate avoidable blindness. Over the years Forus Health has designed and developed affordable technology solutions to increase access and affordability of eye care.

image (9).png

H2Grow By World Food Programme

H2Grow is a WFP innovation that brings locally adaptable and affordable hydroponic solutions to vulnerable communities around the world.

phone-1 - Aime.png


AIME offers data and analytics of global diseases using predictive platforms to steer the future of public health. Solving big global health challenges is at the heart of AIME

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