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Health In Your Hands At World Government Summit 2023

Updated: Mar 19

The co-founders of “Health In Your Hands” (HIYH), Dr. Judy Kuriansky and Dr. Shariha Khalid, were honored to be invited to the UAE World Government Summit (WGS) 2023; held under the theme of “Shaping Future Governments''. The summit brought together thought leaders, experts and decision makers from a range of diverse countries and sectors.

More than 300 sessions were carried out, with over 200 speakers at 22 different forums. There were around 280+ government delegations and about 80+ international, regional and intergovernmental organizations participated.

The agenda was made around 6 themes:

  • Accelerating Development and Governance

  • Future of Societies and Healthcare

  • Exploring Frontiers

  • Governing Economic Resilience and Connectivity

  • Global City Design and Sustainability

  • Prioritizing Learning and Work

Learn more about the event here: World Government Summit 2023

HIYH announced at SDG’s in Action Forum

In 2016, the WGS launched the SDGs in Action which is focused on the implementation of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Later on in 2018, the SDGs Global Councils were launched: a unique interdisciplinary network of decision makers from governments, international organizations, academia and the private sector to share practices and find possible solutions to address the various SDGs. The Councils operate over a two-year term and communicate their outcomes across a range of events, particularly at the annual World Government Summit.

SDGs in Action forum was an important part of the event helding various panels and workshops. On February 12th Dr. Judy Kuriansky (HIYH co-founder, Main United Nations Representative, International Association of Applied Psychology) was part of the panel “Global Councils on SDG’s: Education, Health and Technology”, together with Clint Brown (Director of Product Engineering, Environmental Systems Research Institute - ESRI), Dr. Sonia Ben Jaafar (CEO, Abdullah Al Ghurair Foundation for Education), Dr. Manal Taryam (CEO and Board Member, Noor Dubai Foundation); and moderated by Samer Constantini (Director of Marketing, Schneider Electric).

Dr. Judy was asked about the outcomes of the collaborative approach of UAE SDGs Global Councils as she was part of this initiative since the beginning; being Chair of SDG3: Health and Wellbeing, and a current highly involved member with the actual cohorts. She explained that more than ever the Councils were coming together to work and collaborate in high impact projects. She brought and showed the initial symbol of the UAE SDG Global Councils represented by a light bulb - for innovation - with all SDGs inside. “This was the brilliance of the UAE SDGs Global Councils from the beginning” , Dr. Judy explained.

An example of these collaborations, as she showcased during the session, was when the SDG3 Global Council won an award at an initial competition that was made back in 2017. Together with Dr. Shariha Khalid, they came up with this innovation called “Health In Your Hands” ; a platform that aggregates amazing multi-stakeholder projects around the world attempting to reach those behind and achieve all SDGs.

“One of my favorites, brings together the government of Mozambique and DRC, private sector drones and civil society, as people on the ground… The drones are picking up health information and downloading it to the people, being supported by the government to bring this to the community health workers. ” - Dr. Judy explained.

However, Dr. Judy also emphasized on the importance of people to people relationships. As we can have all kinds of technology, but people want people - this is what makes them feel connected and get mentally and physically healthy.


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